Tak Cheong Lane

We are thrilled to have 3 members from the artist group, Tak Cheong Lane come give us a talk on the 8th of October. The talk will begin at the usual time of 5:00pm at the M6094 Future Cinema on the 6th floor of the School of Creative Media.

POSTER Tak Cheong Lane

Photo: Occupy Central - October 23rd, 2011 taken by David W.


Nin Chan, Denise Wong and Tiv Wong are members of the artist collective, Tak Cheong Lane. The group formed during the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong in 2011. Dialog in regards to the economic and political system, prompted acts and projects that explore alternatives to the prevalence of capitalism in current society. Such projects include “Oh yes, it’s free!”, which is a form of economy based on gift giving, providing goods to people in need without the expectation of monetary returns. Another project involves a form of “Dumpster Diving” that specifically targets supermarkets and banquet halls. Discarded food from those establishments, are collected and then consumed, to raise awareness for the conservation of food and resources.

After Occupy Central, the collective set up in a little space on Tak Cheong Lane in Yau Ma Tei, where the members continued to explore and act on what was gleaned from their experiences. Since then, the group has been preoccupied with organizing music shows and book clubs, participating in the dock workers strike, and most recently an exhibition at Wooferten. The exhibition there is titled “This Home Has No Walls – Tales From Downtown” and involves the homeless Nepalese, Pakistani and Indian demographic in their neighborhood.

If you wish to know more about Tak Cheong Lane and what they’re up to, check out their Facebook page!


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