Satoru Higa + Suzueri

We are very happy to be having Satoru Higa and Suzueri over at the School of Creative Media’s Multimedia Theater for a performance on the 11th of October. The concert is the latest installment in the Extended Eclectics: New Sonic Adventures series, and is also part of the Creative Media Colloquium seminar.

Satoru Higa & Suzueri Poster

//Suzueri: Since her debut album on Nobukazu Takemura’s label Chidisc in 1998, Suzueri (Elico Suzuki) has worked on numerous music projects including sound tracks for films and commercials. In 2007, she finished her Master’s degree in Digital Arts at IAMAS (Institute of Media Art and Science) which set her on an unique path exploring the intersection between performance, installation, and sound art. Her latest performance/installation work uses a piano to trigger a variety of sound events relayed onto multiple toy pianos.

//Satoru Higa: Satoru Higa represents a new generation of talented Japanese digital artists that cross between artistic work and commercial applications. At Daito Manabe’s prolific company Rhizomatiks, Higa has worked on the interactive stage design for Japanese idol group Perfume and numerous other projection-mapping installations. As an artist he has shown his digital sound environments at ICC Tokyo, Transonic Taipei, and was invited by YCAM Yamaguchi to take part in their RAM (Reactor for Awareness in Motion) – New Environment for the Dance of the Future project. He was also recently featured at Ars Electronica 2013 for his performance with Manabe, Your-Cosmos.

On stage, Satoru Higa & Suzueri create a wonderfully imaginative audio visual experience. Each of Higa’s software instruments open a distinct mode of interaction between Suzueri’s piano, sometimes directly reacting to notes being played and other times autonomously running on internal algorithms. In return, Suzueri playfully responds, pauses, and plays again.

Don’t miss the Hong Kong premier of these two extraordinary artists!

To learn more about the events happening at The School of Creative Media, check out their webpage here!


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