Lyota Yagi + Takehiro Iikawa – Performance & Artist Talk

The exhibition Once was Now, Now is Over, Yet will come.. – Time-based art works themed around Time featuring work from artists Lyota Yagi and Takehiro Iikawa will be showing at Platform China starting on the 31st of October. The exhibition is curated by Hitomi Hasegawa. In addition to the exhibition, the two artist will be giving a lecture as well as a performance on the 29th of October, at the School of Creative Media. The performance and talk will be relevant to their exhibition and will be on the 6th floor, in the Future Cinema, at 5pm.

Both artists work extensively with video, sound and photography, and they will be sharing with us about their artistic practices.  This will be their first lecture and performance in Hong Kong.
Lyota + Takehiro copy

Artist Info:

Lyota Yagi

Born in 1980 and lives in Kyoto. Yagi produces artwork between the notions of “the invisible” and “the distinct existence of what we are unaware of in our day-to-day life.” By reconstructing the functionalities of immaterial sound, object and words, his work provides the audience new aspects and brings them to the state of reconsideration of our sensitivities towards time and space.
Selected major solo exhibitions include emergencies #8: Lyota Yagi “Kai-Ten” (NTT Inter Communication Center, Tokyo, 2008) and Time Parallax (MUJIN-TO Production, Tokyo, 2013). Selected major group exhibitions include4th Yokohama Triennale 2011 (2011) and Media/Art Kitchen – Reality Distortion Field (Galeri Nasional Indonesia, 2013, traveling to Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Bangkok).

Takehiro Iikawa

Born in 1981, lives and works in Kobe, Japan. Iikawa’s video works always themed the notion of physical time, in The clock for practice of time series (2006-) he questions calendar time itself and visually shows 24 hours moving images. In Half Time Project series (2008-), Iikawa challenges the human perception of time within the football game or the boxing match. Recent photograph series such as Decorator Crab (2012) or Fade out, Fade Up (2012), Iikawa examines the more intimate situation within everyday life, private memories or the events that trivial but important for an individual.

Iikawa did some solo exhibitions include “Happening Upon”, The Museum of Modern Art, Shiga, Japan, “Outdoor” Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo, both in this year and “fade out, fade up”, Kodama Gallery, Tokyo in 2012. He participated several international group exhibitions such as “rendezvous 09”, Institut d’art contemporain, Lyon, The Yokohama Triennial 2005 and others. Iikawa is also a member of two artists unit,  “Hajime-Ten” and “COUMA,” collaborates with other artists such as Teppei Kaneuji or Yuki Kimura. As the groups, he is exploring the possibility of a project-based art.

Once was Now, Now is Over, Yet will come – Time-based art works themed around Time

Artists: Takehiro Iikawa, Lyota Yagi
Curator: Hitomi Hasegawa
Opening reception: Thu, October 31, 2013. 6.30 – 8.30pm
Venue: Platform China (HK), Unit 601, 6/F, Chai Wan Industrial Building Phase 1, 60 Wing Tai Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm | Phone: +852 9768 8093
Check out Platform China’s website for more information!

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