Bill Hsu – Guest Lecture

Hello everybody! We are very excited to have professor Bill Hsu from San Francisco State University with us for our next colloquium session on the 11th of March. Bill will share with us about several audio-visual systems that he has used in performances and interactive installations, recently in venues such as the Conference on New Interfaces in Musical Expression in Korea, and the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival.  The visual components are primarily based on physics-based simulations or complex generative processes. Real-time audio or gestural input can influence the system behavior; the details are unpredictable and constantly evolving. Bill’s work draws inspiration from a variety of sources, such as complex natural processes and extreme weather phenomena, sounds and behaviors of non-linear mechanical systems, optical illusions, non-idiomatic free improvisation, and experimental fiction. We will be in the 6/F Future Cinema at the usual time of 5:00pm.

Bill Hsu Poster web

BIO: Dr. William Tsun-yuk Hsu is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science of San Francisco State University, and he is interested interactive computer music, high performance computing and audiovisual performance systems.

To see some of Bill’s audiovisual stuff, check out this page, and here‘s a really cool installation project he’s working right now that is well worth taking a look at!



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