Yoshihide Otomo – Concert

In addition to being the guest speaker next week for our colloquium, Otomo Yoshihide from Japan will also be part of our very own DJ Sniff’s new curatorial series “30 years of Sound Art.”

This Friday, April 25th at SCM’s Multimedia Theater, local musicians Sin:Ned (Electronics), Fiona Lee (Electronics), Chin King (Guzheng), and dj sniff (turntables) will join Otomo in a unique performance inspired by his installation performances Yuheisha (幽閉者) and Ensembles. The concert is scheduled to begin at 7:30pm.



Yoshihide Otomo – Guest Lecture

We are thrilled to have the super awesome Yoshihide Otomo as our guest speaker in the upcoming colloquium on the 29th of April. Otomo is a prolific composer, multi-instrumentalist, and Japan’s most prominent experimental musician. So shift your schedules around and make sure to definitely come! The venue is as usual, on the 6/F, in the Future Cinema, but we will begin a bit later at 7:00pm.

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Over the years, Otomo’s music has spanned across Free Jazz, Noise, Free Improvisation, Sound Art, popular music, film scores, and compositions for large amateur ensembles. Carrying the lineage of the Japanese Free Jazz movement that developed in the 1960’s, Otomo has exploited the sonic possibilities of both the electric guitar and turntable. He is one of the key figures who defined a now internationally recognized genre of Japanoise. His band Ground Zero, which as active throughout the 1990’s, has become legendary for their extreme stylistic collages and hyper energetic live performances. In the late 1990’s, Otomo lead Tokyo’s Onkyo (音響) movement, which crossed between minimalistic improvisations and Sound Art. Parallel to these, he also lead his jazz big band Otomo New Jazz Quartet (ONJQ) and scored award winning sound tracks for independent films and documentaries. 

Ryo Ikeshiro – Guest Lecture

We are excited to have the UK-based Japanese artist Ryo Ikeshiro as our guest speaker in the upcoming colloquium session on the 15th of April. Ryo will be talking about his approach of “audiovisualisation” in his recent works, and how it relates to research into auditory displays and perception, as well as experimental film traditions. He will also share with us how generative systems are capable of emergent behaviour, and how computational art is very much suited to experimentation and non-anthropomorphic notions of aesthetics rather than emulating humanly created art. The venue is as usual, on the 6/F, in the Future Cinema, and will begin at 5:00pm.

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ARTIST BIO: Dr. Ryo Ikeshiro (http://ryoikeshiro.com/) has recently completed his PhD in the Department of Music and the Department of Computing in Goldsmiths, University of London. His output ranges from live audiovisual performances and interactive installations to generative works and scored compositions, and have been published by Sedition. He is featured in the Electronic Music volume of the Cambridge Introductions to Music series. He has presented his works internationally at media art and music festivals, as well as at academic conferences. He was originally trained as a classical musician, but then branched out into electronic music and other genres. The meeting of these two worlds informs his practice.
Ryo is interested in “live audiovisualisation”, where the same data and process produce both the audio and the visuals in real-time, without either one following the other – as seen in most VJ performances and visualisations. Emergent systems are used to create custom-made programs to generate sound and moving image. These could be compared to instruments or machines which are chaotic and unpredictable. In performance, he attempts to understand and control both of these components in what could be described as a duet or duel.
He curates exhibitions, screenings, and a series of events called A-B-A featuring performances, talks, and discussions. He is a visiting tutor, and he has also published articles in journals such as Organised Sound.

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This talk is part of Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival 2014 – Hong Kong, co-organized by Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival (Scotland) and Videotage, and supported by Creative Scotland and HKADC. To learn more about the festival and their upcoming  events, please visit: http://videotage.org.hk/project/papay-gyro-night-festival-2014/