Yoshihide Otomo – Guest Lecture

We are thrilled to have the super awesome Yoshihide Otomo as our guest speaker in the upcoming colloquium on the 29th of April. Otomo is a prolific composer, multi-instrumentalist, and Japan’s most prominent experimental musician. So shift your schedules around and make sure to definitely come! The venue is as usual, on the 6/F, in the Future Cinema, but we will begin a bit later at 7:00pm.

Yoshihide Otomo poster web

Over the years, Otomo’s music has spanned across Free Jazz, Noise, Free Improvisation, Sound Art, popular music, film scores, and compositions for large amateur ensembles. Carrying the lineage of the Japanese Free Jazz movement that developed in the 1960’s, Otomo has exploited the sonic possibilities of both the electric guitar and turntable. He is one of the key figures who defined a now internationally recognized genre of Japanoise. His band Ground Zero, which as active throughout the 1990’s, has become legendary for their extreme stylistic collages and hyper energetic live performances. In the late 1990’s, Otomo lead Tokyo’s Onkyo (音響) movement, which crossed between minimalistic improvisations and Sound Art. Parallel to these, he also lead his jazz big band Otomo New Jazz Quartet (ONJQ) and scored award winning sound tracks for independent films and documentaries. 


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