Elizabeth LeCompte @The Wooster Group – Guest Lecture

3rd Guest Lecture in Creative Media Colloquium this semester.  Elizabeth LeCompte, the director of The Wooster Group , will be having the screening of HOUSE/LIGHTS with us, as the kick off event of the busy guest lecture week.
Date: 6th October, 2014  (Monday)
Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00pm
Venue : M6094 Future Cinema Studio   (6/F, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre)

Poster Talk 3 A4


HOUSE/LIGHTS, directed by Elizabeth LeCompte, is The Wooster Group’s 1999 OBIE-winning collision of Gertrude Stein’s Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights with Joseph Mawra’s B-movie classic, Olga’s House of Shame. This remastered edition allows you to flip easily between three synchronous views of the complete performance—multi-angle edited footage, a wide shot, and the live and prerecorded video mix from the onstage monitors—all while you watch.

link: http://thewoostergroup.org/twg/twg.php?house-lights-dvd


The Wooster Group (www.thewoostergroup.org) is a company of experimental theater artists under the direction of Elizabeth LeCompte. Founded in 1975, the Group has made more than 30 works for theater, dance, film, and video. The company creates these works through a distinctive collaborative process with a focus on experimentation and the synthesis of many art forms.

The Wooster Group is an ongoing ensemble of 16 performers, artists, technicians, and administrators on full-time salary. The company and other contributing artists work together from the inception of a project as it is researched, rehearsed, presented in work-in-progress showings, and further developed throughout the life of the production.

The Group uses technology and the idioms of modern culture to re-imagine classic texts and to compose new ones. Historical and contemporary arts exert a strong influence on the Group’s work, and dance, video, music, and architecture are all important organizing principles. With a passion for language and myth, the company explores the collision and integration of cultures in order to tell stories in new ways.

Based at The Performing Garage at 33 Wooster Street in lower Manhattan, The Wooster Group performs regularly in New York City and also tours worldwide—to North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The Performing Garage is part of the Grand Street Artists Co-op, a 1960s project of the Fluxus art movement.

Elizabeth LeCompte (Director) is the founder and director of The Wooster Group. Since 1975 LeCompte has constructed— choreographed, designed, and directed—all of the Group’s productions, including twenty multimedia theater pieces, five dance pieces, and ten works for film and video. Theater productions include CRY, TROJANS! (Troilus & Cressida); Tennessee Williams’ VIEUX CARRÉ; Cavalli and Busenello’s opera LA DIDONE; Shakespeare’s HAMLET; WHO’S YOUR DADA?!; POOR THEATER; TO YOU, THE BIRDIE! (Phèdre); HOUSE/LIGHTS; Eugene O’Neill’s THE HAIRY APE; FISH STORY; O’Neill’s THE EMPEROR JONES; BRACE UP!; James Strahs’ NORTH ATLANTIC; The Road To Immortality trilogy of ROUTE 1 & 9, L.S.D. (…JUST THE HIGH POINTS…), and FRANK DELL’S THE TEMPTATION OF ST. ANTONY; and the Three Places In Rhode Island trilogy of SAKONNET POINT, RUMSTICK ROAD, NAYATT SCHOOL, and POINT JUDITH (an epilog). Dance pieces include I AM JEROME BEL; ERASE-E(X); DANCES WITH T.V. AND MIC; FOR THE GOOD TIMES; and HULA. Film and media works include RUMSTICK ROAD; TO YOU, THE BIRDIE! (Phèdre); BRACE UP!; THERE IS STILL TIME..BROTHER; HOUSE/LIGHTS; THE EMPEROR JONES; WRONG GUYS; RHYME ‘EM TO DEATH; WHITE HOMELAND COMMANDO; and FLAUBERT DREAMS OF TRAVEL, BUT THE ILLNESS OF HIS MOTHER PREVENTS IT. She performed in the Group’s recent production, EARLY SHAKER SPIRITUALS, a record album interpretation directed by company member Kate Valk.

LeCompte’s numerous honors and awards include an National Endowment for the Arts Distinguished Artists Fellowship for Lifetime Achievement in American Theater, the MacArthur Fellowship, the Skowhegan Medal for Performance, the Chevalier des Artes et Lettres from the French Cultural Ministry, the Theater Practitioner Award from Theater Communications Group, a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship, a United States Artists Fellowship, an Anonymous Was A Woman Award, a Doris Duke Artist Award, and honorary doctorates from the New School and California Institute of the Arts. The Wooster Group, under LeCompte’s direction, has received numerous national and international awards.

Articles on LeCompte’s work have appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, New York Magazine, Artforum, Parkett, American Theatre Magazine, Ballet News, The Drama Review, Performing Arts Journal, Theatre Crafts, The Village Voice, and numerous European and Asian journals. David Savran’s book Breaking the Rules: The Wooster Group documents the creation of LeCompte’s work through the making of L.S.D. Andrew Quick’s The Wooster Group Work Book does the same from ST. ANTONY through TO YOU, THE BIRDIE!. Writings on her work are included in Performing Drama/Dramatizing Performance: Alternative Theatre and the Dramatic Text by Michael Van den Heuvel, Directors in Rehearsal by Susan Letzler Cole, Arresting Images by Steven C. Dublin, Actors and Onlookers by Natalie Crohn Schmitt, and Directors/Directing by Christopher Innes and Maria Shevtsova. In 1993 an article by LeCompte on her video work appeared in Felix: A Journal of Media Arts and Communication.

LeCompte has lectured and taught at American University, Chicago Art Institute, Columbia University, Connecticut College, Lincoln Center Directors Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, Northeastern University, the O’Neill Center, Skidmore College, Smith College, the University of London, and Yale School of Drama. From 1970-1975, LeCompte was a member of the experimental theater company, The Performance Group. She was born in Summit, New Jersey in 1944, and received a B.S. in Fine Arts from Skidmore College in 1967.


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