Clara Law and Eddie Fong – Guest Lecture

2nd Guest Lecture in Creative Media Colloquium this semester with
Clara Law and Eddie L.C. Fong

Date: Tuesday March 3, 2015
Time: 17.00 – 18.00
Venue: 6/F Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre M6094 Future Cinema Studio


Title: The Art of Storytelling

Speakers: Clara Law and Eddie L.C. Fong



The very word “storytelling” in itself implies there will be someone listening to the story being told. Throughout the many years of our filmmaking lives, we have been dealing with different audiences as we’ve made films in different parts of the world, and subsequently different cultures. Filmmaking is by its very nature costly and most of the time film is purely a commodity, however, for us it has the possibility to become a work of art, an ideal that has driven us through the years for which we have never forfeited, and so our creative process is a constant balancing act. We have to be aware continuously not to be compromised in our desire to be truthful and to preserve our own unique voices while at the same time to be responsible to our investors, which in turn affect what stories to tell and how to tell them.   The challenges we have encountered, the experiences that we have accumulated and the thoughts we have reflected on will form the centerpiece of our talk.

About the speakers:

Clara Law: Born in Macau, Clara Law studied at the University of Hong Kong and the National Film and Television School in England, and worked at Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) before launching her film career. Her graduation film, THEY SAY THE MOON IS FULLER HERE, won the Silver Plaque award at the Chicago Film Festival. Since her debut feature THE OTHER HALF AND THE OTHER HALF (1988), Law has made numerous internationally acclaimed films including FAREWELL, CHINA (Special Jury Award, Torino); AUTUMN MOON (Golden Leopard, Locarno); TEMPTATION OF A MONK (competition in Venice; Grand Prix, Creteil). After moving to Australia in 1995, Law made FLOATING LIFE (Silver Leopard, Locarno; Best Film/Best Director, Gijon); THE GODDESS OF 1967 (Best Actress, Venice; Best Director, Chicago; FIPRESCI Critics’ Award, Tromso), and her first documentary LETTERS TO ALI, which was officially selected for the Venice, Toronto and Pusan Film Festivals. LIKE A DREAM (2009) marked her return to Asia, and she continued to make THE RED EARTH (2010, commissioned by the Hong Kong International Film Festival, competition Venice) and THE UNBEARBALE LIGHTNESS OF INSPECTOR FAN (2014).

Eddie L.C. Fong: Born in Hong Kong, Eddie L.C. Fong graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University in 1979. He worked for Rediffusion Television (RTV) and Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Ltd. (TVB) as scriptwriter and wrote scripts for several films before making his directorial debut with AN AMOROUS WOMAN OF THE TANG DYNASTY (1984). His subsequent films, CHERRY BLOSSOMS (1985), KAWASHIMA YOSHIKO (1990) and THE PRIVATE EYE BLUES (1994) were either multiple award winners or shown in film festivals worldwide. He started collaborating with Clara Law in 1987, working either as writer or writer/producer on all her films. Their films had won many awards internationally (Venice and Locarno Film Festivals among them) and shown worldwide in many major festivals.