Travis Parsons – Guest Lecture

6th Guest Lecture in Creative Media Colloquium this semester with:

Travis Parsons

Date: Monday March 23, 2015
Time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm
Venue: 1/F Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre M1052 Screening Theatre

Sven poster

Title: Creative coding, the openFrameworks movement, and Parsons Design+Technology programs


Creative coding is the use of computer programming in making art and design projects. You may not think you are a creative coder, but you should become one! This skill will open many artistic and job opportunities and you will become rich and famous! openFrameworks is a creative coding toolkit ( that was developed within Parsons Design+Technology programs about ten years ago. OpenFrameworks has grown to have a huge worldwide following, and has spread across many countries (USA, Europe, Japan). It is now developing quickly in China. OpenFrameworks is one of the leading creative coding toolkits. It plays an important role in cutting edge fields like new media art, interaction design, the “internet of things”, and robotics.

This lecture will provide an overview of the importance of creative coding to today’s art and design scene, and will review many examples of interactive artwork that has been produced with the openFrameworks creative coding toolkit. A brief introduction to openFrameworks will be included, as well as a primer on how to “get coding” with this fantastic tool. Also discussed will be the ongoing openFrameworks worldwide competition “oFOpen” (yes, you can get involved). Finally, an introduction to Parsons MFA Design+Technology program (New York, Paris) will be provided, including the ways that creative coding is being integrated into Parsons DT research environment.

About the speaker:

Sven Travis is a teacher, a researcher, a creative technologist, and a skier. He has taught and administered at Parsons School of Design in New York for more than a quarter century. He founded Parsons BFA and MFA degree programs in Design+Technology, within which he teaches. He is former (founding) Dean of Parsons School of Art, Media, and Technology at Parsons. He has served as faculty in Parsons Product Design Department (Textile Design and Computer Graphics), as Parsons Director of Advanced Computing, as Chair of Parsons Digital Design Department (which he founded), as Director of Parsons Center for New Design (which he co-founded), and as New School Associate Provost for Technology R&D. Travis was raised in Wisconsin and is a lifelong fan of the Green Bay Packers. He was educated at the Rhode Island School of Design and New York Polytechnic University. He is married with two children, and is a proud resident of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Travis is founding partner of The Fred Group (digitally generated textile printing and design, now defunct), principal of Crazy Baldhead (neural network and fuzzy logic programming applied to interactive media– still rumored to exist– whereabouts unknown), founder of the Beijing Yacht Club (immersive digital installations), and lead researcher within the Mighty Spicy Collective (open source educational technology). His research ranges between art, design, education, and technology. Three of his current projects are “Code, Compose, Collaborate”—a MacArthur DML/Hastac funded project underway in New York, New Delhi, Manila, and Beijing, “openFrameworks Open”, a creative coding project/competition taking place in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and New York, and the “Urban Assembly Maker Academy”, a public high school in downtown Manhattan.


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