Nate Chan – Guest Lecture/Film Screening

12th Guest Lecture in Creative Media Colloquium this semester with:

Nate Chan

Date: Tuesday April 28, 2015
Time: 5-6pm
Venue: 6/F Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre M6094 Future Cinema Studio

Nate poster

Title: 《傘不走的女聲》Do you hear the women sing?

Synopsis: 「女人出嚟示威就預咗被人非禮?」「暴力清場,女人走先男嘅頂住?」從暴力、性­/別、政治到信仰,十位女撐傘者將心路歷程娓娓道來。民主路上,既是平等相待、竭力奮­進,又何需用性別來設限?

Female protesters should be prepared for sexually harassment? Ladies should leave first and let men stay behind when the occupied areas are under brutal attacks? Ten female umbrella protesters will SHARE their experience in terms of violence, sex and gender, politics and religious belief. As long as we treat each other fairly and spare no effort to fight for democracy, does gender still matter?
Producer: Tso Hiu Tung Jessica (Hong Kong Christian Council Gender Justice Group)
Director, cinematographer & editing: Nate Chan
Cinematographer, post production & editing: Fox Fung
Translator: Wong Ka Wing

About the director: 


Nate Chan, a photographer and camerawoman, has produced documentary films like “Tales of Sham Shui Po” and “Lai Sun Store”. Once acted as the assistant director of Evans Chan, a famous film director, she is now engaging in the shooting of social movements. Because of her youthfulness, she is not afraid of facing difficulties and frustration, willing to turn her weaknesses into her experiences, abilities and strength.


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