Tom Mitchell – Guest Lecture

In this upcoming colloquium session we will be hearing from Tom Mitchell, who is the CEO and Creative Director of animation/post production studio Treacle. The talk will be on the 22nd of September, and will be starting at 5:00pm in the Future Cinema.

Tom Mitchell poster

Around the World in 80 frames
Tom will be sharing with us about his experiences from a career in animation that has taken him around the world. By exploring the differences and similarities in the industry across different countries, he hopes to inspire others to embrace animation on a global scale. He will offer tips and insight into how to find work abroad, how to be successful in a culture that is foreign to your own and how to make the most out of life as an international animator.

About the Speaker:
Tom Mitchell is CEO and Creative Director of Treacle, a thriving animation and post­production studio based in Hong Kong. He began his career in London and has since worked across Asia before eventually opening his own studio in 2012. Tom has produced animation for some of the biggest brands around, including Microsoft, Tencent, American Express, Porsche, Jack Daniels and the BBC.


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