Concert – Sergei Tcherepnin + Rie Nakajima + Feng Hao

The second of our 3 extra colloquium sessions this week will be a concert featuring Sergei Tcherepnin, Rie Nakajima and Feng Hao. The concert will be right after the lecture with Feng Hao and Eli Kessler (November 19th), it will be on the 1st floor in the Multimedia Theatre (M1060) and we’re hoping to begin by 8:00pm.Sergei + Rie + Feng Hao Performance Poster

Guest Lecture – Feng Hao + Eli Kessler

The first of our 3 extra colloquium sessions this week will be on Thursday, the 19th of November. We will meet at 6:00pm on the 6/F in the Future Cinema (M6094). In this session we will be hearing from artists Feng Hao and Eli Kessler about their work.

Feng Hao + Eli poster

About the Artists and their Talks:

Feng Hao:
Feng Hao is an art creator. His works mainly focus on sound art and experimental music, and he is involved in drawings, performances, images, performing arts and design etc., which makes him an interdisciplinary artist with various styles. He researches on performances with pre-made guitars and explores every possibility in them. He also creates works in sound art related to social phenomenon; he also makes plunderphonic works with the name “DJ Strausss”. His experimental band Walnut Room explores music languages such as improvisation, the industrial, no wave, dark wave, etc. and expressions in performing arts.

“I am going to talk about the project “Bustling Declaration”. Working and living in Beijing, I can feel the changes indifferent aspects in the society every day; I see also quite a number of interesting phenomena with Chinese characteristics. With all these changes in the society, new problems arise. No matter you are willing or not, it seems hard to escape from the stimulations that the social environment has brought about. I will share how these interesting phenomena have influenced my works.” – Feng Hao

Eli Kessler:
Keszler is a New York based artist, composer and percussionist who situates his practice within the intersections of architecture, performance, installation, notation and composition. His work uses microprocessor-controllers and sound producing constructions that activate motors to strike, scrape and vibrate enclosures. These works are often accompanied by collections of visual works, drawings and scores. His installations can be experienced autonomously or with an ensemble/solo performance featuring Keszler’s aggressively propulsive drumming.

“I will talk about piano wire as a mode of looking into various aspects of musical and extra musical avenues. As a material whose expansive capabilities allows me to work with architecture, as a form of installation and composition. I’ll talk about the transition from

working with this material outside of the context of the pianos history, and the way I’ve begun to exam its relationship with the instrument and music construction as a whole.” – Eli Kessler 

Guest Lecture – James Hullick

In our upcoming colloquium session on November 17th, we will have artist-curator-composer-researcher James Hullick come in to talk about his projects. We’ll be back on the 6th floor, in the Future Cinema (M6094), and we’ll start at our usual time of 5:00pm.James Hullick Poster


James Hullick is emerging as one of Australia’s leading culture creators, attracting increasing national and international attention as sound artist, sculptor, composer, curator, community arts worker, published researcher and artistic director of JOLT (professional sound art org) and The Click Clack Project (an interabilities sound art org). His rise in the sonic arts is marked by a commitment to social engagement, particularly regarding the inclusion of people of all abilities in professional sonic arts making. This has been most notably achieved through his direction of the Amplified Elephants ensemble for sound artists with an intellectual disability, as part of Hullick’s ongoing residency at the Footscray Community Arts Centre.

In 2014, whilst completing a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Melbourne (Faculty of VCA and MCM), Hullick was awarded a 2014 Australia Council Creative Australia Fellowship (for the year 2015) and the 2014 Michael Kieran Harvey Piano Scholarship for 2015/16

2014 was also the year Hullick premiered THESE COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOURS for the Melbourne Festival, broadcast on ABC Classic FM. 10 chamber orchestra works were created for this project, performed by Hullick’s BOLT Ensemble, the ARCKO Ensemble and other musicians from distinct Australian communities including Kimberley elder Pansy Nulgit, Singers with Cochlear Implants and the Amplified Elephants. Several of the works were co-created with the artists involved.

Hullick has co-directed JOLT International Festivals in Switzerland (2011) and Japan (2012/2014) as well as tours to the UK (2014) and NY (2009), working in collaboration with international producers. These events have been distinctly multi-disciplinary, and included artists i.e. Philip Brophy, Stelarc, Merzbow and Robin Fox.