Guest Talk – Bryan Chung

The next Tuesday (January 26th) we will have Assistant Professor of HKBU Bryan Chung to present the inter-disciplinary researches in media arts. We will be back to our usual time slot of 5:00pm in the M6094 Future Cinema.

Date: 26 Jan 2016 (Tuesday)
Time: 17:00
Venue: M6094, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong

Bryan Chung poster

To craft with data, to art with codes

The presentation will describe the inter-disciplinary researches in media arts, by showcasing a number of examples in creative arts, interactive media design, and art education by the presenter. The materials include references from subjects such as visual art, computer science, and media design. Similar to a sculptor using wood or metal to craft his/her sculpture, the presenter will demonstrate how he used data as raw material to produce visual and tangible forms. Software brings life to the hardware in the computing devices we use daily. Nevertheless, the codes, as artistic creation, can even be traced back to the late 60s in the conceptual art movement. The presenter will also explain the ideas with his recent award winning artwork in the 19th Japan Media Art Festival.


About the speaker:
Dr. Chung Wai Ching, Bryan is an interactive media artist and design consultant. His artworks have been exhibited at the World Wide Video Festival, Multimedia Art Asia Pacific, Microwave International New Media Arts Festival and the China Media Art Festival.

In the Shanghai Expo 2010, he provided design consultancy to various industry partners in Hong Kong and China. Chung studied computer science in Hong Kong, interactive multimedia in London, and fine art in Melbourne.

He develops software libraries for the open source programming platform, Processing. He is the author of the book, Multimedia Programming with Pure Data (Packt Publishing, 2013). At the Academy of Visual Arts, Dr. Chung teaches subjects on interactive arts, computer graphics, and multimedia.


To find out more about our speaker, you can check out his page here.


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