Guest talk – Taihei Shii 施井泰平

The next colloquium will be on next Tuesday, the 22nd of March. We will meet at 5:00pm on the 6/F in the Future Cinema (M6094). We will have contemporary art artist Taihei Shii (施井泰平) presents some of his previous art works and his latest activity “startbahn”.

Taihei shii poster

Two main subjects will be introduced in this lecture: one is about some previous art works of TAIHEI, an artist of contemporary art who has been seeking the “Art of the Internet Age,” and the other is about his latest activity “startbahn,” which is an SNS exclusive for art. “Startbahn” is a platform of art, designed specially for the Internet age. In addition to its communication system unique to an SNS, “startbahn” has a system to add artistic value to an artist’s work through buying, selling, and reviewing of it. Currently, “startbahn” system performs only in Japanese; however, we intend to start the service in English taking the occasion of this lecture. Therefore, this lecture will be the first opportunity for “startbahn” to be introduced to the world, where we will expand its service in the near future.

About the Artist:
Taihei Shii works on contemporary art by the name of TAIHEI. 1977: Born in Tokyo. Lived in the United States at the ages of 4~10, 17~18, and 25. From around 2003: After graduating from Tama Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Painting, Oil Painting Corse, TAIHEI started to present his art works featuring the “Art of the Internet Age.” Then, working in parallel with the virtual Internet­based project, TAIHEI has been introducing his art works in the real art spaces such as galleries and art museums.

To find out more about our speaker, you can check out his Linkedin page here.


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