Guest Talk – Kurbanjan Samat

We will have Uyghur documentary filmmaker and independent photographer, Kurbanjan Samat in our last colloquium this semester, held on 25 Apr 2017 (Tuesday), to give a talk with the topic “I’m from Xinjiang”. The talk will start at 3pm in M1052 Screening Theatre.

Date: 25 Apr 2017 (Tuesday)
Time: 3:00 pm
Venue: M1052 Screening Theatre

Kurbanjan poster_small.jpg


Topic  : I’m from Xinjiang

A sharing from Mr. Kurbanjan Samat, a very reputational and well-respected Uyghur documentary filmmaker and independent photographer. Samat will use his personal story, photos and interview experiences to present a unique Xinjiang that is different from stereotype, to provide the audiences with better understanding of Xinjiang, the emerging economic and culture hub of China towards Middle Asia and Europe in coming “One Belt, One Road” Strategy.

About the Speaker:
Mr. Kurbanjan Samat:
Uygur from Xinjiang; documentary filmmaker; independent photographer

Kurbanjan Samat has taken a great many photos depicting Xinjiang’s natural scenery and traditional culture. Samat published books and documentary movies, I’m from Xinjiang, allowing people to see what Xinjiang natives are doing and hopping to provide answers to what causes the tensions in the northwest China region where several deadly terrorist attacks had happened. In it, Samat documented the everyday lives of people from Xinjiang who now live elsewhere in China. Among them are restaurateurs, jade merchants, white-collar workers, nightclub singers and dancers, lawyers working in the United States, and world-renowned artists and designers. They come from a variety of ethnic groups in Xinjiang. Through conversing with them and hearing their stories about reaching for their dreams, he tried to explore a theme: The kind heart of humanity transcends boundaries of ethnicity and religion. Samat hopes sharing stories of hardworking Xinjiang natives can remove labels stuck on people of Xinjiang and promote mutual understanding.


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