Guest Lecture: Olaf Stüber

This week’s colloquium will feature artist Olaf Stüber presenting A brief history of “Video Art”.  Please join us!

Date: 03 Oct 2017 (Tuesday)
Time: 4:00 pm
Venue: M6094 Future Cinema Studio, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong


Topic: A brief history of “video art”

This lecture presents the story of European time-based media, beginning with the first electronic moving images, as outcomes of the Fluxus movement in the 1960s, postulating the fusion of art and life, intimacy and public, self-realization and living. It explores early experiments in video art and its rubbing-up against TV as mass media. It continues to discuss the relation between video, film, and cinema and concludes with artists parsing the Internet.

About the Speaker:
For more than 20 years Olaf Stüber has been working in the art world as art dealer, curator, publisher and lecturer. Galerie Olaf Stüber (2001–2011) emphasized moving image works as from 2003 and was one of the very few galleries focusing on artists’ film and video at the time. In 2008, together with Ivo Wessel – a collector friend – Olaf Stüber founded an international platform for artists’ films and videos in Berlin: Videoart at Midnight. Taking place at the legendary Babylon cinema, this monthly screening series offers an in-depth insight into the current video art production of Berlin’s international art scene. After nearly 10 years and over 70 midnight shows, it has become a central forum for both renowned and upcoming promising artists working with the moving-image. As the result of an intense reflection on the art market’s convention of limitation vs. the artist’s and public’s interest of visibility in a broader range of collections, Olaf Stüber started in 2012 to publish video art in a unique edition format – the Videoart at Midnight Edition. In a series featuring about six artworks per year, with a higher number of copies than commonly acceptable in the art world, Videoart at Midnight Edition is building up a collectable contemporary omnibus of artists’ films and video art installations. It represents today a unique anthology of a medium that is gaining more and more importance within contemporary art. Furthermore, Olaf Stüber holds lectures on video and artists’ films, moderates talks and panels on the current challenges of the art market, curates film and video programs for institutions, fairs and festivals and has been member of numerous juries, all around the world. Olaf Stüber is an active member of IKT International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art. Thanks to his expertise in the field of film and video art, Olaf Stüber is a trusted partner for a growing number of private collectors and institutions.

To find out more about Olaf Stüber, visit his website.