Future Cinema

SM2703 Creative Media Colloquium is a 0-credit colloquium course which provides the opportunity for students to become familiar with a broad range of high-profile contemporary art practitioners (researchers, artists, and scholars).

Each year the colloquium invites approximately 12 guests to the School for a public lecture and presentations of their work.

Over the course of 4-years in the program, all students are required to attend 20 colloquium lectures (15 colloquium lectures for Advanced Standing I; 10 colloquium lectures for Advanced Standing II) of their choosing. Attendance will be taken on-site through the electronic attendance system and no registration to course is needed.

Normally, the School will schedule the Colloquium lectures/presentations on Tuesday afternoon between 4:00 – 7:00pm in Future Cinema Studio (M6094). However, this will not take place every week, and time and location will vary.  It is important to regularly check the this website and your email for announcements.

Please plan ahead and monitor your attendance for Colloquium in order to fulfill the graduation requirement.


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